Professional training: beekeeper

We offer proffesional training ("Berufsausbildung") for a veterinary specialists for beekeeping.

Training lasts 3 years and is performed at the Bee Research Institute in Oberursel and at the vocational school in Celle/Niedersachsen with a theoretical education unit.  An intermediary and a final exam have to be passed.


Future beekeepers learn how to manage honeybee colonies,  teach honeybee biology as well as practical work with bee colonies. Furthermore we provide knowledge about breeding of bees and offer insights in different bee species and breeding lines. Joiners works like building cases and accessories as well as handling wood work machines are learned.

At the Bee Research Institute future beekeepers  ("Auszubildende") take part in research projects. They support basic science, are involved in lab studies as well as experiments in open field and are involved during students practical courses.


Prerequisites for education

Succesful graduation of German Haupt- or Real schools. Applicants should be interested in working with bees and work outside at fresh air.


Application with tabulated curriculum vitae, results of the exams in the last three semesters at school and if available, testimonies or certificates about work or practical studies should be send to the director of the Institute for Bee Research, Karl-von-Frisch weg 2, Oberursel 61440.

Training at an apiary on the Frankfurt International Airport

Practical courses

The Bee Research Institute has a close collaboration with schools in the region. Often school students have practical courses at the Institute of Bee Research. They work several weeks with beekeepers and future beekeepers and are introduced into the field of beekeeping.


Get in touch with our bees

„Research tour in the bee garden“

At the Bee Research Institute kids can go for a discovery tour into the world of honey bees. Elementary school kids and kindergarden kids learn about  life of honey bees.

Tours are free of charge and take place once a week  from May to start of summer vacation with Carmen Lobitz.

Please contact us upfront. New tours are offered in January every year.


Please send applications to

Petra Reichl
Phone: 06171-21278 
Mon. – Fri. from 9:00 – 12:00 a.m.

Take a research tour with your class