Paul Siefert
PhD student


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Research focus

Neurobiology of the Honeybee, Effects of neonicotinoids on the brood care of honeybees, Broodmonitoring in vivo

The European Commission has decided to suspend the agricultural use of three neonicotinoids until 2015, since these pesticides are supposed to threaten the vitality of honeybee colonies. My project aims to investigate whether insecticide exposures affect developing larvae, brood caring nurse bees, or the interaction of both. We want to study behavioral deficits of nurse bees and adult bees, raised with insecticide-spiked food, by using a video-camera technique. Also the brood development of similar raised colonies is analyzed with photographs and computer software. With our results we hope to draw realistic conclusions about possible threads on honeybees by insecticide usage in agriculture.


Scientific education

Since 2014

PhD Student at the Institute for Bee Research Oberursel of the Polytechnic Society, Goethe-University Frankfurt


Diploma thesis: „Cholinergic  influences on auditory attention in the rat“, Bernhard Gaese / Kössl Workgroup

2007 / 2008

Practical work abroad in Australia, Prinzinger Workgroup

2005 - 2011

Studies in Biology at the Goethe-University Frankfurt. Degree: Diploma